About Us

About us

Why Choose Xpress HR as your partner?

  • We screen to check their availability, eligibility and their interest level before we send to our clients
  • Our rates are genuine among the industry
  • We offer 24/7/365 customer care service
  • We provide temporary to permanent hires and give last minute adjustment
  • We have strong database
  • We provide transportation service to all our candidates to avoid late arrivals and absenteeism
  • We are renowned and known for our exceptional service in Ontario
  • We give 24-hour emergency service to employees and employers
  • You’ll save time and energy, allowing you to focus on your business goals.

We're here to assist you in succeeding.

You can count on Xpress HR to assist you in reaching your goals.

We Offer

Training and Development

The employees in our roster are encouraged to undergo continued self-improvement and ongoing training as well as personal development, following clients GMP standards and updating on work place efficiently and safely.

Xpress HR provides a professional development template to our list of potential employees for hire to guide them in the right direction towards putting together a plan for their future employment.

Why choose us?

Xpress HR is committed to help you reach your goals.

Our experienced professional team are well-networked in all of our practice areas. They are able to effectively locate, screen, and deliver candidates to best fit the unique needs of each client.

Find the perfect candidate.
On-going support .
A Fast, Easy Application.
Wide variety of industries.

We're Waiting to assist you.

On-Going Support
We’re here 7 Days a week , 365 Days a year to support our employers and candidates!

Extensive Experience
We are trained to provide our employers with the perfect fit matching there wants and needs.

The Best Talent
We source professionals from our extensive industry database and wide industry network.

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